Friday, 17 December 2010

Robot Fun forever.

Robots Forever

i have never had so much fun animating, as i have when i did this.

whilst working on some idents, i decided to have a bit of fun with the artwork. brilliant fun.

Monday, 29 November 2010

hipster chick

i loooovvvvveeee wacom

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some lil illustrations

i quite enjoyed making these, mainly an expreiment with some of the tools in illustrator , set against some colouring from photoshop.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Continue? Illustration part 2 (edit:and Final Picture!)

edit: heres the new version, with all the colours and fancy gradients in place. wanted to post them side by side so you can see the alterations.

and heres the old version...

This took a long time to build in illustrator... and now i can't export it into Photoshop easily! oh well. tomorrows task, break down the picture and rebuild in Photoshop for effects funtimes..

gonna work on the colours as well tomorrow, get them looking spiffing :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

(Edit- Original workings included) New Illustration... or more a prequel to it.

(edit: i thought people would like to see the first iteration of the illustration, so you can see my working. Above is the version drawn directly into photoshop with a tablet, and below is that old fangled way of putting pens, or rather permenant markers, to paper. you can see where all the ideas were developing in the lower one, which then were taken forward into the upper one)

This took a very long time to map out yesterday. after drawing it 4-5 times, its still just the rough version! looking forward to taking it into illustrator and giving it some lovely textured paths. :D

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kumo Project Showreel, in its finality!

HOORAY! a showreel with a little ident at the beginning does make all the difference. the only thing I would say about it is that its too quick, and i wish the showreel was closer to 1.30/ 2 minutes, to put in some more of our lovely work. but never mind hey!

I think I am done with showreels for the rest of the year.. unless I make something super cool that needs to be added. but i wouldn't know what to bump! decisions decisions...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

A little bit of Motion Graphics.

Today (well mainly yesterday-) I went on the hunt for a good tutorial to give me some good first knowledge of the tools in cinema4D. Mark form Quay Animations Studios pointed me to GreyscaleGorilla's blog, which is actually excellent, which has some great tutorials which gave me a good handle on some of the simple motion graphics stuff that can be done.

ill say it, it was alot easier than maya. i love maya and all ive learnt from it, but for motion graphics solutions, cinema 4d HAS IT GOING ON. great stuff.

Have a wee look below.

Ive also built a 3D version of the Kumo Logo, which i think im gonna have fun with in the coming days. C4D for the Animation on this, AE for the Post-Pro and Premiere for the Sound.

Motion Graphics Logo from Jardine Sage on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

(EDIT: FINISHED DESKS!) New Office, and with it, Customised Desks..

EDIT: NEW PICS!The new Kumo wall. we have a wall. check that out. gotta cloud on it and everything.

My Finished Desk... i love it so.
Can everyone spot the sonic 1 references?

Bit of Mario there....
The Buddha, whose become somewhat of a mascot for us.
P diddy... in a coat made out of dead cats... that sing ill be missing you when he presses a button... and they have jewels in their mouths.

We have finally moved into the shed! from here on we're doing our business from our very own office space, great fun.

Here's us on the first day, weve got walls around our space which is pretty handy. so FRAN had the idea to paint our desks and decorate them in our own style of sketches. i used to do these type of odd collages loads in school, so its been pretty bloody fun so far :D

The tester was this draw, which has loads of characters Ive made over the years fused into it, as well as one disneyfied character.
Today my favourite doodle i did was of Abra the pokemon. Ive gotta squeeze in somewhere the 'abra used teleport... abra vanished'. I spent ages thinking which of the original 151 was my favourite (enough that i had to stare at it on my desk forever) and I came to the conclusion it was Abra, Kedabra and Alakazam. so its become the esteemed pokemon of my desk (the other two were better pokemon, just more irritating to draw... abra made sense).
This is the desk by the end of the day
On this side, as a direct result of running out of characters to do (and not wanting to resort to horseman), its devolved into small homages to my favourite games, as well as other little interesting things. Theres Link holding up the triforce, Pacman, some ghosts and a cherry, space invaders and asteroids. and at the top, 8 bit mario (whose turned out the best i believe.)
Over here is where im developing tomorrow, ive put my new wild bill hickock design on, A fallout esq design i did for Rich a while back, abra and even the red trainer from pokemon red. Tomorrow i am banning myself from anymore videogame references, so i need some new ideas!
any suggestions?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Updated Showreel

Heres an Updated Showreel, with alot more 3d involved in it :D

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

3D Emmanuel Sequence

3D Emmanuel Maya Sequence from Jardine Sage on Vimeo.

my bad for not posting this already! heres a short animated sequence i did testing out the rig of emmanuel. used mental ray for nice lighting effects.. pretty happy with it. :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Motion Study

Just finished another project, so im gonna be posting some of the wares of said project soon. ive been sorting out a piece of 3d specifically for showreel purposes of emmanuel creeping about, using the model ive already built. to do it all properly, ive created a storyboard, motion study of the movement (or main keyframes, which ever way you want to look at it) and animatic. not gonna bother posting that though.

along with this ive also finally had some ideas im happy with to put into a new short, so might have some artwork revolving around that up in the future... :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Ol' Rocket Boots

its simon again, ive been using a graphics tablet to do somet traditional animation, in my breaks ive been fiddling with this far more elaborate illustration of simon. not totally happy with the lighting, but dont have anymore time to waste on him! onto other tibbits...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Afro wearing gentleman.

as ive had a day of waiting on various cogs to turn i thought i would touch up on my modelling skills. without any reference (which was bad of me) i made this bloke up. wasnt really sure where he was going, but eventually got to a point where the chap looked like he needed an afro... so i gave him one. about 3 hours modelling, and relatively pleased :)heres a quick look at its topology.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

another picture.

here is another illustration, not quite as good as the one below, more of a muck around in photoshop and the graphics tablet. its a samurai, i took reference from which had a coupla neat pictures done by Rad Sechris.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

here is a picture.

Havent posted any new content for a while mainly due to several projects im working on, and not being able to post the wares of my labour. as a result alot of my own ideas are falling by the wayside, but im planning to correct this, firstly by doing some fresh character design, just for the fun of it.

Above here is a picture, of a mad, slightly serious scientist. was dead chuffed with the design and really got me working in illustrator alot more than i ever have previously (finally stopping using the photoshop polygonal lasso tool...)

he doesnt have a name. simon. simon is his name. yes, that'll do.

hopefully post another new illustration soon.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Travelling Skinned Mole

OOO its nice to post something that isnt the RAM chip. not that i dont like it, but ive come to realise its taking up alot of space on this blog.

last week my friend hayley contacted me about a travelling moleskin diary, where artists were invited to add their own little interpretations to the theme "Food for Thought". so i wrote a story (a true story) of the time myself and my friend aaron happened upon stephen hawkin leaving pizza hut with a pizza box on his lap.

it looked alot like this:-

find out more about the Moleskin, about taking part and what-not, gubbins etc at

and thank you hayley and Thompson Brand Partners for an opportunity to draw some nonsense (although totally based on a true story.)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

paint weight tests

been a relatively slow evening as i have been mainly just doing some weight-painting. but theres fun you can have with that, i.e bending the character into fun and silly poses

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ram Client Character Board

original design by ROBERT PAGE @ TUBBYPHUNK.COM Random Acess Memory | The Virtual Opera

Had a bit of spare time so put this together, however not complete, as he's still missing his nose! quite a funky client board methought....

(edit) heres the complete version!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Rock Opera RAM stick. Random Acess Memory | The Virtual Opera

original design by ROBERT PAGE @ TUBBYPHUNK.COM

Early modelling.

Here is come of my working over the past few days, i finished off modelling the RAM chip, and then went about setting up a UV in the time honoured tradition of planar and cyndrical mapping. reletively painless, no issues as far as i can tell! i had a wee play around with some toon shaders, settled on a slight gradient on a toon shader, to allow for a more gradual change in tone.

Toon Shader with no adjustments. theres a wee charm about them.with a slight gradient however, it gives a really nice effect, which doesnt stumble into just being another shader.
Testing out the face.
This is a Blinn Shader, which is giving it alot of shine. also im not very happy about the texture/colours. need to match the source more.
This is more like it! Toon shaded, and more subtle texture.
(with fancy lighting) So Far... gonna do a quick test of animating the texture today, mebbes throw up a quick video of that. also gonna do the manips for the skeleton and bind it, mebbes a wee animation test of him bouncing about.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Newcastle Science Festival, The Makers Faire and Kumo

This weekend we have been hosting a stall at the Newcastle Science Festivals Maker Faire! its been a great few days, where we've worked with people of all ages to create over 120 pixilation animations. We got everyone doing it, kids adults, mums, dads, even the staff got involved (right when we were about to pack up.. they snuck in 5 more!)
totally great experience, looking forward to uploaded the animations and letting people check out what we've been doing.

heres the ground floor of the maker faire, from the balcony our table was at.

wow, look at team kumo with enthusiasm and fun and stuff! kris and fran doing some camera work.
here we all are looking super fun on the last day, 3 laptops, 1 HD TV, 3 seperate showreels playing and one camera on a tripod.

our tech. i was tech guy. things kept breaking and messing up, and in flew tech guy to clean up la mess.
everyone loves pixilation! the Science Fest staff have a turn, and seem to like the results!

also throughout the weekend we've seen the animation we created for the Science Festival being projected all around the Life Centre, so had to take the oppertunity to film our film, in some sort of paradoxical way. urm. yeah.

in a short while ill throw in an animation of a few of some of the tester pixilations we did, as a taster of what we've been upto.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mr Cowboy is found

Looking through some old files i found one of my old models, mr cowboy! he really never got a proper name. gonna have a bash at him, and do some animation with him, mebbes some emotion and walkcycles etc. for now, above this picture he is laying down a phat beat for his homeys. south central style.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Kumo Ident Test

What we have here be a test i dun made through tha powa o' computors.

its a test for our upocoming showreel of the ending sequence. please let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Test of Cowboy Saloon

Test version of the concept art for the cowboy saloon. built out of textures of wood, warping and lasso tool. had to start work on something else so ive put it to one side. any comments are welcome :)

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Science Festival Ident and Xmas Card

Heres the finished version of the Science Festival Ident, which we all worked on. was good fun to produce, and learned a few nice techniques along the way!

Before this was finished, we also did a quick xmas card for digital city, which was a bit of fun playing around with some different software.

Institute of Digital Innovation Xmas Card from Mark Hill on Vimeo.

Music Video Test

ive been working on this music video with J6 films for the past couple of months, slowly but surely i think we're reaching a destination! its been an interesting learning experience, experimenting with nodes which animate to sound amplitude (as you can see on the surface of the Tetrahedron). Next week we hopfully will be going full on getting the maya files done and getting them rendered. looking forward to being able to work on the character animation showreel though, should be wicked supa fun.

Rough Storyboards

A rough storyboard i did the other week for Stuart from Orange Panda, for a pitch to a client. the plot is about a bachelllorette party gone mad, where the police are being called in, and the news is covering it from different angles. sorry for the lack of annotation!