Saturday, 21 August 2010

A little bit of Motion Graphics.

Today (well mainly yesterday-) I went on the hunt for a good tutorial to give me some good first knowledge of the tools in cinema4D. Mark form Quay Animations Studios pointed me to GreyscaleGorilla's blog, which is actually excellent, which has some great tutorials which gave me a good handle on some of the simple motion graphics stuff that can be done.

ill say it, it was alot easier than maya. i love maya and all ive learnt from it, but for motion graphics solutions, cinema 4d HAS IT GOING ON. great stuff.

Have a wee look below.

Ive also built a 3D version of the Kumo Logo, which i think im gonna have fun with in the coming days. C4D for the Animation on this, AE for the Post-Pro and Premiere for the Sound.

Motion Graphics Logo from Jardine Sage on Vimeo.

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