Wednesday, 30 March 2011

CITV's Pixel-Art 8 bit Ident Screenshots

whilst at CITV, being as heavily into video games as i am, i was asked to come up with 10 pixel-art ident storyboards. out of those 10 we wittled it down to 5, and they were super fun to make. Here are some screenshots of them, should be uploading the idents soon (the sound work thats been done for them is totally awesome).
(do let me know if anyone see's them going out on the channel!)

Mr Popopo.
This one is a short Gameboy (and Super Gameboy) inspired, also inspired by Kirby, and his ability to turn into things he eats.

Princess and the Egg - This one is more 16-bit Mega drive/Genesis and SNES inspired, also referencing Zelda.
Finish Him! - (or Pirate Boss as it has been redubbed) Is an awesome little ident, probably my fav. inspired by beat 'em ups, a little robot overcomes a large angry pirate.

C-Type - Inspired by top down 2d shooters, This little epic has a ship battling through a spaceship, to escape into the stars.

Cetris - at 3 seconds long its the shortest, but i really like the look. again more 16 bit than 8 bit.

Actual Idents to follow. :)