Saturday, 27 February 2010

Science Festival Ident and Xmas Card

Heres the finished version of the Science Festival Ident, which we all worked on. was good fun to produce, and learned a few nice techniques along the way!

Before this was finished, we also did a quick xmas card for digital city, which was a bit of fun playing around with some different software.

Institute of Digital Innovation Xmas Card from Mark Hill on Vimeo.

Music Video Test

ive been working on this music video with J6 films for the past couple of months, slowly but surely i think we're reaching a destination! its been an interesting learning experience, experimenting with nodes which animate to sound amplitude (as you can see on the surface of the Tetrahedron). Next week we hopfully will be going full on getting the maya files done and getting them rendered. looking forward to being able to work on the character animation showreel though, should be wicked supa fun.

Rough Storyboards

A rough storyboard i did the other week for Stuart from Orange Panda, for a pitch to a client. the plot is about a bachelllorette party gone mad, where the police are being called in, and the news is covering it from different angles. sorry for the lack of annotation!

Collection of 2d works.

Noppin... Being an Arse. This is somework on characters from University, Of Noppin.
Character Sheet
Action Sheet
A Boy and a box. Concept work for a short film, about a boy who has a box, that when it opens makes the most beautiful sound in the world.
This was a present for Siobhan. she likes cats.
Diedrock and Stonehands designs, from the Proctor and Gamble animation.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Uv Examples

Teeth and Tongue, unravelled face, and very detailed hands/body. yessir..

Emmanuel and Kumo

This is the Kumo Business Card above! really happy with how this turned out, the back is also pretty darn cool. below are some wire frame build ups and some renders low poly of emmanuel, complete with skin and Uv'd to the teeth (literally).

iPhone snapped sketches

ive gone through my sketchbooks and had a wee look at what ive been drawing. this stuff is mainly conecpt and lacks colour, but you might find it interesting.Wobble Cowboy...
Some Character Sketches
Wet Cat
More Characters
Wind Man
Going for 1st at the Science Fair
Ol' Granny Death
80's Guy
Football Kid
Tribal Girl
Ciggy Lass

robot concept for life centre project
Mad Scientist for Life Centre
Cute Newton, Life Centre.. again
Cowboy Saloon
Buddha in a blue forest

Double 'Ard Bastard.

A picture

Here is a sketch of a Saloon, working progress. concept art for lots for showreel.