Saturday, 21 August 2010

A little bit of Motion Graphics.

Today (well mainly yesterday-) I went on the hunt for a good tutorial to give me some good first knowledge of the tools in cinema4D. Mark form Quay Animations Studios pointed me to GreyscaleGorilla's blog, which is actually excellent, which has some great tutorials which gave me a good handle on some of the simple motion graphics stuff that can be done.

ill say it, it was alot easier than maya. i love maya and all ive learnt from it, but for motion graphics solutions, cinema 4d HAS IT GOING ON. great stuff.

Have a wee look below.

Ive also built a 3D version of the Kumo Logo, which i think im gonna have fun with in the coming days. C4D for the Animation on this, AE for the Post-Pro and Premiere for the Sound.

Motion Graphics Logo from Jardine Sage on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

(EDIT: FINISHED DESKS!) New Office, and with it, Customised Desks..

EDIT: NEW PICS!The new Kumo wall. we have a wall. check that out. gotta cloud on it and everything.

My Finished Desk... i love it so.
Can everyone spot the sonic 1 references?

Bit of Mario there....
The Buddha, whose become somewhat of a mascot for us.
P diddy... in a coat made out of dead cats... that sing ill be missing you when he presses a button... and they have jewels in their mouths.

We have finally moved into the shed! from here on we're doing our business from our very own office space, great fun.

Here's us on the first day, weve got walls around our space which is pretty handy. so FRAN had the idea to paint our desks and decorate them in our own style of sketches. i used to do these type of odd collages loads in school, so its been pretty bloody fun so far :D

The tester was this draw, which has loads of characters Ive made over the years fused into it, as well as one disneyfied character.
Today my favourite doodle i did was of Abra the pokemon. Ive gotta squeeze in somewhere the 'abra used teleport... abra vanished'. I spent ages thinking which of the original 151 was my favourite (enough that i had to stare at it on my desk forever) and I came to the conclusion it was Abra, Kedabra and Alakazam. so its become the esteemed pokemon of my desk (the other two were better pokemon, just more irritating to draw... abra made sense).
This is the desk by the end of the day
On this side, as a direct result of running out of characters to do (and not wanting to resort to horseman), its devolved into small homages to my favourite games, as well as other little interesting things. Theres Link holding up the triforce, Pacman, some ghosts and a cherry, space invaders and asteroids. and at the top, 8 bit mario (whose turned out the best i believe.)
Over here is where im developing tomorrow, ive put my new wild bill hickock design on, A fallout esq design i did for Rich a while back, abra and even the red trainer from pokemon red. Tomorrow i am banning myself from anymore videogame references, so i need some new ideas!
any suggestions?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Updated Showreel

Heres an Updated Showreel, with alot more 3d involved in it :D

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

3D Emmanuel Sequence

3D Emmanuel Maya Sequence from Jardine Sage on Vimeo.

my bad for not posting this already! heres a short animated sequence i did testing out the rig of emmanuel. used mental ray for nice lighting effects.. pretty happy with it. :)