Sunday, 14 March 2010

Newcastle Science Festival, The Makers Faire and Kumo

This weekend we have been hosting a stall at the Newcastle Science Festivals Maker Faire! its been a great few days, where we've worked with people of all ages to create over 120 pixilation animations. We got everyone doing it, kids adults, mums, dads, even the staff got involved (right when we were about to pack up.. they snuck in 5 more!)
totally great experience, looking forward to uploaded the animations and letting people check out what we've been doing.

heres the ground floor of the maker faire, from the balcony our table was at.

wow, look at team kumo with enthusiasm and fun and stuff! kris and fran doing some camera work.
here we all are looking super fun on the last day, 3 laptops, 1 HD TV, 3 seperate showreels playing and one camera on a tripod.

our tech. i was tech guy. things kept breaking and messing up, and in flew tech guy to clean up la mess.
everyone loves pixilation! the Science Fest staff have a turn, and seem to like the results!

also throughout the weekend we've seen the animation we created for the Science Festival being projected all around the Life Centre, so had to take the oppertunity to film our film, in some sort of paradoxical way. urm. yeah.

in a short while ill throw in an animation of a few of some of the tester pixilations we did, as a taster of what we've been upto.

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  1. Waw. only ever saw the budda guy on his own until now. looks brilliant. heard you guys had a great time in newcastle too, would have come and visited if i had the money to do so.