Saturday, 6 June 2009


I haven't done a blog since i was travelling.. and that one didn't last very long. so three years of BA degree education later, I'm going to have another go. Monday marks the end of the hardest period of work Ive ever done, and putting a lovely big french 'Fin' credit on the end of an animation that was 1 year in the making... well i say one year.. i started putting ideas into the story and designing characters around about this time last year.. feels strange how the time has flown.

now '8.15' is finished i actually donut know what to do with myself. i cant even rub my head against a wall, or sit on the loo and read charlie brooker (the only way to spend time on the loo). A genuine sense of loss of purpose has fallen over me, after months and months of sitting at this same laptop, crippling my hand by scrutinising each of the 8300 frames of the animation (guesstimate)

only menial boring so very mega boring sketchbook odds and sods are left, and then i finish education. forever. goodbye protective blanket known as university, hello unemployment and credit crunch. i guess its time to start planning another animation....well. heres a few images from the last one.

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